Miley Cyrus nude pictures for Liam Hemsworth?

A series of nude pictures of Miley Cyrus were released on the internet a short while back and news sites were massively reporting that it was connected to Liam Hemsworth. How? They supposedly were for him. I don’t see how that can be true though as these shots were taken by a famous celebrity photographer, called Vijat Mohindra. Either way, these pictures are hot and just show that Miley Cyrus is on the map and won’t leave it for a long time. This girl is constantly on the grind with the hottest scandals and they can all be seen at CelebsUncensored. Click here to see more!

If you want to see more scandal pictures of Miley, click here now!

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2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus nude pictures for Liam Hemsworth?

  1. Wendy Hensley

    omg u guys r making WAY 2 big of a deal out of this!!!!!! she’s not naked! i mean cum on!!!!!!!!! i still luv her i mean just cuz sum stupid pictures leaked out u ppl werent gonna b her fans nemore! o n btw i found a miley website that had all the pics of her that were photoshopped by other ppl and werent rly her n these were sum of them so yall can all just get over it bcuz these pics arent miley cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK?

  2. Kristy Lara

    It didn’t take long. Weeks after she turned 18, these nude pictures of her popped up online that were supposedly stolen from her cell phone. Sure, she will deny these are her, and maybe they aren’t, but let’s hope that they are.


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